Beckett: The Unnamable

Immersive piece in collaboration with the Sleepwalk Collective and Beaches at Imploding Fiction’s 10 year anniversary (December 2017).


The audio plays on loop in the background. I take the audience members to the location one by one, blindfolded. I tear paper of different textures close to they ear, all around them. Using a newspaper, a magazine, plain printing paper. They stand while I whisper in their ear:

“Where now? Who now? When now? Unquestioning. I, say I. Unbelieving. Questions, hypotheses, call them that. Keep going, going on, call that going, call that on. Can it be that one day I simply stayed in, in where, instead of going out, in the old way, out to spend day and night as far away as possible, it wasn’t far. Perhaps that is how it began.”

They draw on the white cloth before them, while I help them get started. I whisper words from the text that they can write. Some write the words, others don’t. In the end, I help them put the pen down and put the cloth on them like a cape. Then I say: “You are now wearing Beckett, it really suits you”. I take a fan and softly move it so that they get the sensation of wind, an exclusiveness since they are now wearing Beckett couture.

The last audience member of the performance gets to write Beckett on my shirt, so that I’m also wearing this brand. All artists participating with their pieces at this immersive event were required to put stickers on the audience members so we could see what station they had visited. We were thus asked to come up with our personal mark – and mine said “I, say I”.

Work station after 9 audience members (one hour performance):


Beckett shirt:


The woman who wrote Beckett on my shirt (the last audience member of the performance), was a teacher and was very excited by the potential of working on a text this way. She wanted to try something similar with her students, as it encouraged deep listening, creativity and another way of understanding a text.

Continuing the laboratory study of The Unnamable: 

Here I chose pages from the beginning and the end of the novel, and let everyone choose which one they wanted to focus on. They had to focus on one sentence and let it inspire the improvisation.

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