I work with a group who now currently go under the name of Laboratorium. We are a group of artists from different fields who have come together at Sorialab in Oslo to share our pratices every week. We work with performance, both movement and non-movement based.

Our first project is site-specific and deals with the theme of “unseen communication”. It is an outdoors performance that explores our connection with the nature and its hidden web of communication underneath us. The performance is inspired by japanese butoh dance which is a common interest of all the artists in the group.

It has been performed three times:

Butoh picnic 2018 with special guest buoth master Mushimaru Fujieda

Laboratorium (bilde av Mushimaru)(Photo: Mushimaru Fujieda)


Schouskollektivet Extended “Moving Interactions” mini-festival July 2018:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Photos: Claudia Lucacel)

Oslo Kulturnatt/ Oslo Culture Night on 14th september 2018:



We are currently working on a new production for 2019.

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