What’s in the field?

Interactive performance at “Skimmer – Allt kan hända” at Esperantoecene, Gothenburg (SE). Hosted and organised by Poesiwerken in March 2019.

Idea & concept: Kristin Nango (creator of first performance)

Co-creator (second perf.): Sophie Barth

Video art: Kristin Nango

Sound art: Sophie Barth

Movement & choreography: Sophie Barth & Kristin Nango

Guest artist (voice): Anki Ebonsdotter

Whats in the Field? is an interactive experiment consisting of colours, movement, sound and meetings. What possibilities lies in our co-existence, fantasy and nature? How is the trajectory between the inner and the outer world? We are inviting the audience to an open room for performative explorations.

Gøte 2Gøte 3Gøte1what's in the field

All photos: Kerstin Ehrnlund

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