Bread and Dark Circus to The People! Dark Circus’s simple idea is to recognize, in an artistic manner, and in artistic production management, the extinct species on earth.
Dark Circus is aiming to do performances, gatherings and shows, to celebrate the dead species, and to mourn them in a joyful and kind atmosphere.
Dark Circus is a real circus, among several things it parades as a circus should and is expected to do, through each town to display some of the offerings on stage. On which illuminations of the species take place, as well as entertainment. All in a form of ritual, which is the core of the circus exxperience.
Dark Circus is a non-profitable artistic research project, run by artist Christopher R Raadlund and director/critic/dramaturg Svante A Löwenborg.
Welcome. This is the beginning of the end.

April 2019:

Performance starting from Galleri A to Paleet and Norwegian Rain

Extinct animal role: Dodo bird


Photos: Svante A. Löwenborg



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