The Weird Sisters (show, 2021)

The Weird Sisters, aka Louise and Élouïse, welcome you to their TV variété show in front of a live audience! Get ready to enter a universe where French chansons, nostalgic 60s & 80s aesthetics and clownish glamour collide! Louise and Élouïse’s antics will amuse, delight, confuse and move you in equal measure. In the midst of their innate incompetence to host a TV show, the sisters will deliver rousing lip syncs, beautifully absurd physicality, gorgeous costumes and at least one scene that will leave you saying ‘I have no idea what that was, but I liked it!’. The sisters communicate mainly in french and broken English, but their main mode of expression is their over the top physicality.

The Weird Sisters are the creations of Bibby & Barth, two bio queens and theatre makers approaching drag through the lens of physical theatre.

Slideshow 1: Photos by Celina Christoffersen. Slideshow 2: Photos by Karina Rønning.

Full documentation by Lea Logic.

Supported by: FFUK, Norsk Kulturfond FFLB, Oslo teatersenter

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