The Weird Sisters – Soirée Improvisée (2022)

Witness The Weird Sisters as they try to serve up a glamorous, hip and happening soirée in the Old Munch museum café! Be prepared for bizarre welcome rituals, lip syncs and awkward dancing in an improvised show that combines elements of a drag show with physical theatre and performance art.

This evening of improvisation is closely rooted in scenes from their debut show The Weird Sisters, with extra audience participation and plenty of physical comedy. Dressed in glamorous Coco-Chanel inspired couture, The Weird Sisters express themselves in French and broken English, as well as through absurd physical comedy, gestures and facial expressions. You do not need to have seen the Weird Sisters Show to enjoy this evening as Louise and Éloïse’s guest, but if you have seen the show, get ready to fall more in love with the chaotic charm of these sisters and look out for familiar elements.

Photos: Karina Rønning

Supported by: FFUK, Norsk Kulturfond FFLB, Oslo teatersenter and The Old Munch Museum.

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