Hello and welcome to my online portfolio!


Sophie Charlotte Barth holds an MA in theatre directing from East 15 Acting School in London, and is currently finishing a course in drag studies at the Oslo Metropolitan University. She is currently based in Oslo, and alongside directing she also works as a physical theatre performer and performance artist. She has worked with artistic research in Schouskollekivet from 2016 – 2021, and initiated projects such as Variations of Beckett.

She has since 2020 been working as a drag artist, and this is now her main field of work alongside clowning and directing. She does solo acts as a drag artist under the name Irma Dark and also in her company Bibby & Barth. This company is the duo behind the drag project “The Weird Sisters”. Her work in clowning spans from drag to working for The Flying Seagulls Norway, which is focused on working mainly with children and refugee children.

As a theatre director she works together with scenographer Katarina Caspersen. Their company Den Lokale Venneforening/ The local friend committee focuses on absurd, physical and maximalist expressions as well as spacial experiments.

Fun fact:

I came in second at the Norwegian Championship of Standstill (2018)

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